Some of my work

Here is a sample of some of my favorite recent works.


Visualizing daily appliance eletrical use web-app

Javascript, D3 library

Source on Github , See it live.

Wattage Plots shows meaningful visualizations of kw/hour energy usage, with some data pulled in from a CSV file. Data is displayed using the data-driven D3 visualization library.

    Tools Used:
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • D3.js visualization library
  • Twitter's Bootsrap
    Project Goals:
  • Learn me some D3.
  • Build & use javascript classes that encapsulate details of specific chart types (like bar-chart, heat-chart) that otherwise require a variety of complex and easy-to-forget mixings of D3 elements.
  • Provide visualizations of tabular numerical data in a manner that makes it easy to see patterns in the data.

I built the project as a proof of concept for one of my hobbies. I wanted to build a semi-complex, multi-file, single-page web app, using javascript best practices.


Automated Geomantic Divination & Interpretation

Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI, AJAX, (HTML/CSS)

Source on Github , See it live.

Geomantic divination was for hundreds of years practiced by people from all social classes throughout Europe (especially prized by the ruling classes and the Church), Asia, and Africa. While most people have heard of its Chinese counterpart, the Yi Jing, classical geomancy has largely escaped attention in the modern world. This program automates the manual process of casting a reading, and also helps interpret the results.

    Neat stuff included:
  • Geolocation, LocalStorage
  • Event Log

This next project was inspired by an exercise from The Odin Project. It broadcasts your games of hangman into the cloud, and can be viewed live in any browser on the net. Ruby on the backend, Javascript/HTML/CSS on the front.

Hangman TV

Play hangman, stream it to the net!

Ruby, Javascript, Firebase API, (HTML/CSS)

Source on Github , See it live.

I was going through the Odin curriculum, this project is part of an exercise in working with files and serializing data in Ruby. I wanted to add a little spice and play with the Firebase API at the same time, and so Hangman TV was born. I had fun making it. However, my goal was not to really make a full-blown game, there is plenty of room for improvement. Still, it's fun to watch a live game.

  • Live streaming to the cloud,
  • Live presentation of streamed data in the browser,

This site itself is a Ruby on Rails app! and a work-in-progress...

Personal Blog

You're looking at it!

Ruby on Rails, JS, HTML, CSS

Source on Github ; look around, you are seeing it live.

This site is built with Ruby on Rails 4. My ongoing project, look under the Apps menu to see what I've got cooking.

    Tools Used:
  • Ruby, Rails
  • JQuery

I've worked on a variety of WordPress sites.