About Afshin

Hi and thanks for stopping by my tech-blog and portfolio site. This project started in December 2013 as a way for me to show some Web Dev experience, and a place to deploy some of my work-in-progress coding projects.

Where am I located? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I have friends all over the world; and you can be one of them.

I've felt strongly for a variety of pursuits in my life, and as a side-effect my degrees are in Computer Science and Acupuncture!

Professionally I've worked as a programmer at Oracle, Microsoft, and a handful of startups; I've also run my own health-care practice, as a licensed acupuncturist.

These days you'll find me dividing my time between Lulmama, a health startup, learning all sorts of new technologies, writing code, blogging, practicing lots of TaiJi (tai-chi), playing drums, as much cooking as I can, and enjoying family.

Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope you find something interesting or inspiring.

Some credits:

I use icon fonts liberally all over this site. Icomoon was a terrific resource for this.

  • The brackets icon was made by Qi Li
  • Computer icon by Mayene de La Cruz
  • Ruby icon by Darren Barrone
  • Monitor by Guillermo Vera
  • Pisces icon by Erika Jasso

Site Log

Jan 1, 2014
So, I decided not to use Twitter's Bootstrap or Foundation; they're overkill for this project, and I want to flex some CSS/JS skills.
Jan 13
Alpha Deployment. Issues: conditional assets probs with some of my css, js; chat room has problems...
Jan 14
- Deploy day 2: Understanding and implementing what needs to be done to get assets pulling in from different sources, and precompiled in the right places.
-- Put up article about my deployment research. Clearly I have to prettify those post urls soon!
-- Added my tweets to About page. Need to add Contact form at some point
Jan 15
Lets see if jquery-turbolinks gem fixes my js issues. Doesn't look like it.
-- Loading js on a per page basis, made page-specific js load at bottom of page, everything working in dev now.
-- In production: Accordion working on Portfolio page (yes!), but chat room now totally broken (what?!)
Jan 16
Fixed some quirks in the styling. Contemplating non-websockets chat.
Jan 17
Building User system.
Jan 18
Integrating New Relic App Monitor
Jan 20
Start integrating Twitter Bootstrap (really?) and Devise
Jan 27
Authentication and Bootstrapinization is a go.
Feb 2
So annoyed at this fonts on Firefox issue
Feb 13
Haven't been updating this site log... should I keep it?